Jacket Bio

Zaelyna Beck is a lifelong advocate for middle-grade and young adult fiction. She deeply values her education through the School of Hard-Knocks, which has provided an endless supply of writing inspiration.

Zae grew up in small-town New England and is a self-proclaimed outdoors enthusiast. As such, she prefers the company of nature. However, she’s spent most of her adult life living in big cities. She now finds herself irreversibly attached to the convenience of late-night food delivery.


Zae took an “old school“ approach to her undergrad career. She selected courses across the arts & humanities, with a focus in literary analysis and critical thinking. She minored in both psychology and music.

Upon receiving her Bachelor’s, Zae developed interest in visual storytelling. She began to study screenwriting on her own while working odd-jobs and managing personal projects.

Early Career

Zae started building a professional portfolio while in school. She contributed articles to online platforms, including eHow and Examiner.com (now defunct). She also provided long-form feedback to other authors through Critique Circle.

By 2012, Zae flocked to New Orleans to jump into the city’s growing film scene. While there, she got involved with NOVAC (New Orleans Video Access Center), participating in events and attending seminars.

Current Pursuits

Knowing her goal was to climb the ladder into a writers’ room. Zae worked her way out to Hollywood, California. Zae now spends her days as an Office PA in scripted television, soaking up knowledge of the process from the inside.

By nights and weekends, Zae ghostwrites manuscripts, provides copy- and line-editing services for clients. And she continues to develop her own writing.

She’s currently revising a young adult fantasy novel in addition to drafting spec scripts, a pilot, and two feature screenplays.

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