Politics, Economy, & Hollywood South

Louisiana has housed and produced films since the early 1900s. Since then, it’s become the 3rd most popular production state (behind California and New York). Tax Incentives Programs There’s no doubt that the 2002 tax incentives created ‘Hollywood South.’ The incentives exist to develop and maintain an economic value to New Orleans. And it’s worked. … Continue reading

Cinema Is Community

An interesting conversation formed at my day job in wake of the midnight release for the latest Batman installment. The popular opinion was that midnight events are scary show times to be avoided. “Too many cosplayers.” And with every seat claimed, the cinema feels “too cramped with ‘freaks,’” which steals the enjoyment … Continue reading

Cruisin’ Past 88mph

Two days. Two drivers. Twenty-four hours cramped in the confines of an overpacked Mazda 626 named George. We avoided the tedium through the careful placement of an audio surround system—complete with subwoofer—wired into the car’s auxiliary port. Our miles were logged by everything from Christmas classics to heavy metal. The … Continue reading